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About Us

We're dedicated to web-games development.

We started as web-design studio back in 2004. We were making websites, promotion, SEO, localization. In 2016 we've switched to game development. Since then we've created more than 20 games and gathered big loyal player audience.

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People play games. All ages and countries.

Web-games are best for having fun at school, work and home.

  • Game-dedicated in-staff employees.
  • Our own infrastracture, including game portal.

What We Do

Games of course

Game development

Hypercasual arcades and puzzles playable in web-browser both on desktop and mobile.


Display ads, video prerolls, sliders, IAPs. Target platform optimization. Fast and player-friendly.


Publishing games at platforms and portals. Our own and licensed. Buying games and rights.


Game developers, portal owners, webmasters. We know people. People know us. It helps!

Our approach

If a job is worth doing it is worth doing well.

Every game has its own idea. We make new games or adapt ideas given by others.
We make multiple games which are fun to play for all ages. Our goal is not to have the top graphics or tons of content, but to have fun, is our king goal.
We put a lot of effort into game promotion. A good game is a game that is played quite often.
Support, fix, update. We look at games as services to entertain players.

Games Ecosystem

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself


Game making is a process. We keep it running, adapting, expanding.


Our own game portal Kevin.Games. Community, activity, discord.

Banner Network

Our own banner network for cross-promo traffic exchange.

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